We help adults 50+ regain control of their life in order to stay pain-free and active as they age...

Even if they've been told Nothing Can be done.

We Help You Live A Pain-Free and Active Life In 3 Simple Steps

1. Explore

We will take you through the most comprehensive functional mobility assessment to explore and identify the cause(s) of your pain and problem. Then we’ll explain what you need to do to live a pain-free and active life.

2. Educate

We will educate you on what you need to do to get on the right path to being pain-free, active, and independent, as well as develop a customized treatment plan that will get you stronger, improve your balance and increase your confidence.  

3. Empower

We want to empower you to take control of your life and keep doing what you love! Imagine ENJOYING staying active and feeling CONFIDENT about your ability to move around and do everything you want to do.


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WE WANT To work with you!



When it comes to exercise, many times we just don’t know where to start. We might have tried a group fitness class and thought it wasn’t challenging enough, or, it might have been too much too fast. 

Instead of just trying to figure it out on your own and constantly searching the internet for the right answer and never knowing if it will actually help, save some time and get a customized program created for you by a movement specialist that has worked with hundreds of older adults.

We will tailor this program specifically to you, taking into consideration your current activity level and any limitations with movement so you can stop wasting time and feel confident that you are moving in the right direction! 

These programs come in 30 day ($99) or 60 day ($169) options.

Please fill out the form at the link below, and include as much detail as possible! Once your form is submitted, you will receive your program via e-mail within 72 hours. 


We currently offer private coaching for older adults including:

  • Physical therapy (CA residents only)
  • Personal training
  • Health and wellness coaching
We typically work with older adults one-on-one who:
  • Struggle with pain that is preventing them from exercising or participating in their daily activities and doing the things that they love
  • Need one-on-one guidance on healthy, active aging and pain-free movement 
  • May be having increased difficulty doing every day activities and experiencing a lack of balance
  • Want to know if they are doing everything they can to take care of their bodies as they age

We see our clients virtually (telehealth) and at their homes (mobile). 

Location and pricing vary depending on the needs of the client as we create each program specifically for each individual client. We also offer package discounts and payment plans.

Our base rates are:

  • 90 minute in-person session: $189
  • 45 minute telehealth session: $99

If you have questions or are interested in private coaching, please book a free consult. We can help you determine if our services would be a good fit for you, and if not, we will find another provider to help you.

  • Not sure about how physical therapy and Resilient Aging can help you with your problems? 
  • We get it! 
  • We would be happy to talk to you first so we’re 100% sure we can help you get back to doing the things you love!
  • We realize some people may be unsure if our services are right for them. 
  • You’re not alone!
  • Click on the button above we will schedule a time to hear your story and learn how to best serve you…for FREE.
  • We understand some people want to find out more about the availability and cost of our services before scheduling. 
  • If that’s you, click on the button above!

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Meet Dr. Serena Liu, Physical Therapist

Dr. Serena Liu, PT, DPT is a leading Geriatric Physical Therapist in the Richmond and Berkeley area who helps older adults move and feel better through the use of a personalized fitness and health promotion plan to achieve a pain-free, active, and healthy life without requiring pain medication, injections, or surgery.